Kosh answers your question
What is the difference between broken oats and instant oats?
Broken oats are actually steel cut. Every grain of oats is cut in 3 to 4 pieces by sharp steel cutters. Instant oats are oat grains that are flattened out by rolling. As the name suggests instant oats take lesser time to cook. Nutritionally there is no difference between the two.
What can be
made out of
broken oats?
Broken oats can be used to completely or partially replace wherever rice is used. It can be used to make yummy khichdi, kheer or can be eaten just like plain rice.
What can be made out of instant oats and/or oats atta?
Upma, poha, soup, porridge, dal or gravy thickener, laddu with jaggery and dry fruits, barfi with milk powder and dry fruits, dosa, idli, uttapam, homemade cookies, banana cake, paratha, halwa, kheer,........and many more. Of course you can make roti out of atta. 3 to 5 g of oats atta in a glass of water can be blended with honey and consumed as oat milk.
Who can eat oats?
A baby of 6 months plus onwards.
Will there be any restrictions on eating oats?
None as long as the diet is not too rich in oil or clarified butter or butter or spices
Can I feed oats to my baby?
Babies can be fed oats based foods from a very young age. Typically pats flour is used as a base in which one can add banana or boiled an pureed veggies or pureed fruits. Due to easy digestibility of oats it is a good alternative to malted baby foods.
What are the
benefits of oats?
Apart from a rich source of soluble fibers, oats is rich in total dietary fiber and proteins too.